We attended the 6th International Conference "Towards a Humane City" in Novi Sad

ODRAZ as the Secretariat of the Network for Sustainable Urban Mobility CIVINET Slovenia-Croatia-SEE participated at the 6th International Conference 'Towards a Humane City' held on 26th and 27th October 2017 in Novi Sad. Coordinator of a CIVINET Network Srđan Škunca welcomed the participants of the conference during the introductory session. The new ODRAZ film "With dialogue to better mobility in city areas" was presented at the Plenary Session and at the SUMP Workshop.

The goal of this conference was to incite new forms of dealing with contemporary problems and initiate common ctions which will lead to a new dimension of planning and faster affirmation of smart mobility in Southeast Europe cities and towns.

This conference target was to try together to find answers to the following questions: How to adapt introduction of certain technological innovations, regulations and economic measures, to local conditions, how to justify, fasten and institutionalise them? Which are their advantages and disadvantages? How to adapt educations system to those intensive changes? How to incite the development and competitiveness of the economy in this field in Southeast Europe cities and towns?

One of the goals is also show that "smart city" means "intelligent mobility" in all aspects of sustainability. It is the precondition of economic prosperity, social equality and environmental quality.

Many members of the CIVINET network from Serbia, Croatia and BiH participated in the conference.

More about the conference "Towards a Humane City" read here: http://humanecityns.org/