The workshop "Organization of participatory governance in the local community" held in Zadar

On 6th of October 2017 we held a workshop about organizing participatory governance in the local community in Koprivnica. Representatives of local self-government units and civil society organizations were introduced to successfully implemented activities in Velika Gorica as a part of the project "Participatory management of natural resources".

Petra Andric from DOOR and Marko Ružić from Velika Gorica presented the work of a multisectoral working group whose participants share information on current problems in managing natural resources in Velika Gorica, suggest solutions and point out irregularities in managing public and natural resources; an advocacy campaign encouraging the local community to make proposals to the City regarding the management of natural resources and other activities aimed at fostering cooperation between local self-government, civil society organizations and interested citizens.

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Participants were also presented local examples of good practices in the field of natural resource management: projects carried out by the City of Zadar, Organization of Island Communities - Island Movement Association and Green Transformation: Civic Participation - Association of Eco Zadar.

With examples of local good practices, started Ana Bajlo from City of Zadar, she presented the projects of FIESTA and EnerMO. Paula Bolfan from the Association Movement Island continued: "The activity of the movement in local politics began with the concession story of the Golden War, and the initiative was heard throughout the country."  Nives Rogoznica from Association Eko Zadar said: "Eco Zadar will advocate for the city of Zadar to make the so-called urban transformation in the area of the former Soviet Army, including in the process of participatory involvement of all "tenants" of the former barracks.

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After successful presentations, Ksenija Vidović Vorberger from ODRAZ held an interactive workshop about community organization, where participants were introduced to three practical models of community organization. After the theoretical part, next was practical part of the workshop where the participants were divided into two working groups where they developed ideas of possible action according to the model of local development and social action on the following topic: "Revitalization of Local Committees" and "Agriculture in a Nature Park".

* For more information about project "Participatory management of natural resources": http://sudjeluj.net/

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