The workshop "Organization of participatory governance in the local community" held in Rijeka

On 12th of September 2017 we held a workshop about organizing participatory governance in the local community in the City District in Rijeka. Representatives of local self-government units and civil society organizations were introduced to successfully implemented activities in Velika Gorica as a part of the project "Participatory management of natural resources".

Petra Andric from DOOR and Meri Barišić from Velika Gorica presented the work of a multisectoral working group whose participants share information on current problems in managing natural resources in Velika Gorica, suggest solutions and point out irregularities in managing public and natural resources; an advocacy campaign encouraging the local community to make proposals to the City regarding the management of natural resources and other activities aimed at fostering cooperation between local self-government, civil society organizations and interested citizens.

Participants were also presented local examples of good practices in the field of natural resource management: "E-Consultation with Citizens on the Model of City Beach Management - City of Rijeka", "Participatory Budgeting - Pazin City" and "Local Partnerships for Transparent Natural Resources Management - Žmergo".

"Citizens had a chance to find out about plans and think-tanks, get acquainted with the good and bad sides of the concession agreement," began with examples of local good practices Lea Stoiljkovic from the City of Rijeka. In the direction of participation, Maja Stranić Grah from the City of Pazin continued: "We pay great attention to educating citizens on the budget of the City in an understandable way."

From the Žmergo Association, Helena Traub presented the way in which the citizens through reporting on environmental problems through the project "Environmental Partnerships: Development of the Environmental and Public Sector Capacity Building in Croatia through Green Phone Service".

After successful presentations, Ksenija Vidović Vorberger from ODRAZ held an interactive workshop about community organization, where participants were introduced to three practical models of community organization. After the theoretical part, next was practical part of the workshop where the participants were divided into two working groups where they developed ideas of possible action according to the model of local development and social action on the following topics: (1) Preservation of autochthonous variety of onions and (2) Promotion of cultural heritage in the area of Medulin Municipality.

Similar workshops will be organized in Koprivnica and Zadar in autumn.

* For more information about project "Participatory management of natural resources": http://sudjeluj.net/

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