Presentation of the CIMULACT project at the Consultation of local self-government consultation in Rabac

Ksenija Vidović Vorberger from ODRAZ presented the CIMULACT project at the Consultation of local self-government in Rabac on September 13, 2017. Three-day counseling for city representatives and other closely co-operating stakeholders was organized by the Association of Cities in the Republic of Croatia.

Project CIMULACT - Citizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020. was presented on the first day of consultations within the thematic block "EU funds and integrated urban development". The participants of the consultation were informed about the process and the course of the project, developed methods of public participation and stakeholders in decision-making processes and project results.

CIMULACT has as a main objective to add to the relevance and accountability of European research and innovation - Horizon 2020 as well as national - by engaging citizens and stakeholders in co-creation of research agendas based on real and validated societal visions, needs and demands.

The second day of counseling continued with a series of interesting presentations and a round table on the topic of "Local Self-Government what we do (not) want". The last day of the consultation was devoted to the future of local self-government funding.

* More about the project see HERE.