Highlights from the online consultation „Research for society“

Take a look at key highlights from the online consultation with citizens, conducted in 30 European countries in the period from August to October 2016. Citizens were invited to fill extensive online survey and to thereby join researchers, relevant stakeholders and decision makers in redefining of the European Research and Innovation Agenda Horizon 2020, in order to make it more accountable. By taking part in this consultation, 3458 respondents (of which 283 are from Croatia) evaluated and enriched 48 proposed research programs.

These programs were further on explored as policy options, which would then inspire topics of possible calls for the program Horizon 2020 for the year 2018 and beyond. Financed projects should respond to social needs and contribute to solving of key social problems.

Highlights of the online consultation are available here.

Highlights of the Croatian part of online consultation (in Croatian) are available here.

Online consultation were conducted within the project CIMULACT - Citizen and multi-actor consultation on Horizon 2020. ODRAZ- Sustainable Community Development is one of 30 partners within the project consortium, and in charge of the implementation of activities in Croatia.