CIMULACT – second consultation phase with citizens and different stakeholders about Horizon 2020.

The aim of the CIMULACT is to increase the importance and credibility of European research and innovations from the Horizon 2020 programme and to include and invite citizens and other stakeholders at the national levels to cooperation in planning the research based on real and justified social needs and vision. The project is currently in implementation in 30 European countries, with ODRAZ being the activity coordinator in Croatia.

The process has begun at the end of 2015. with national workshops in which 1.088 citizens from 30 European countries were involved, through which total of 180 visions of the desirable future from the perspective of citizens were developed. Citizens' analysis of vision recognized 26 social needs, grouped into 12 areas. Hundred of participants (30 citizens, 30 experts and 35 researchers of CIMULACT) from 30 countries have worked together through two-day workshop on the development of the scenarios for possible research programmes. In total 48 scenarios were created, four for each of 12 social needs areas.

Currently second phase of national consultations is in the process in 30 countries, in which 15 citizens, 15 stakeholders and 15 experts take part. Through one-day workshop, participants in every country further enrich five scenarios of programme research.

Croatian workshop was held on 23rd of September 2016. in Zagreb. We are proud of the involvement and engagement of stakeholders from different parts of Croatia and from different sectors.

They have worked on three from 12 recognized social needs and five possible directions and research programmes:

Unity and cohesion

  • Community building development
  • Evidence-based community building Citizen awareness and participation
  • Data for all - Share the power of data
  • Empowered citizens

Life-Long Processes

  • Here, there and everywhere - ties of local and global, real and virtual life.

National on-line consultations in all of the countries are also currently in implementation. The questionnaire is translated into all of the languages and uploaded onto the common platform. The questionnaire is accessible through the following link, by clicking on the map of Croatia: http://consultation.cimulact.eu/SelectCountry.aspx